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Xuất bản 15/12/2016
Smiley's only practice in months for this competition was last week's Aussie Skate competition!! So this was literally Smiley's 2nd time on ice in 6 months, so we were very impressed by his improvement compared with last week!! (His gymnastics class and skate school currently clash so he's taking a break from skating). Smiley was actually the only skater in his division, but he was blissfully oblivious to this so pleased with his trophy. Basic 1 skaters don't get to pick their own music. The organisers just play something and skaters have to adjust to whatever it is, which is fine at this level. It makes FS1 a very aspirational level since that's the first level able to select music. This is one of my all time favourite videos since Smiley just drips cuteness! 19th September, 2014 Coming soon: Someone else in the family has passed Preliminary ... but who??
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