Skills I họced before being able to Trượt the Grapevine

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Xuất bản 15/12/2016
So, I decided to học the Grapevine move, after watching someone do it at Bryant Park around Christmas 2015. But it turned out that one didn't simply jump from barely skating forward, to being able to execute the Grapevine. Many other skills of intermediate difficulty had to be họced and practiced, before one could skate a recognizable Grapevine. Even though I still haven't mastered the thrust at the last step of the move, in order to continue and repeat the move in perpetuity, I figure that it is worthwhile showing these intermediate moves I họced from online sources which helped me understand edge and balance. Without these I never would have been able to unlock the secrets to the Grapevine. Start with this article: Then readọc-two-foot-grapevine-skating-move-analytically/ for in-depth analysis of how this move works. The Cantiague rink was empty, again, on the last Friday night session of the season. I won't have a chance to film without a crowd again until the spring. Music is written by my friend Dan Adler and performed by Dan Adler and company. Used with permission. Talia's Waltz from All Things Familiar.
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