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SUBSCRIBE TO BillsChannel Now - Trượt băng is moving on ice by using Trượt băngs. It can be done for a variety of reasons, including health benefits, leisure, traveling, and various sports. Trượt băng occurs both on specially prepared indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as on naturally occurring bodies of frozen water, such as lakes and rivers A study by Federico Formenti of the University of Oxford suggests that the earliest Trượt băng happened in southern Finland about 4000 years ago.[1] Originally, skates were merely sharpened, flattened bone strapped to the bottom of the foot. Skaters did not actually skate on the ice, but rather glided on top of it. True skating emerged when a steel blade with sharpened edges was used. Skates now cut into the ice instead of gliding on top of it. Adding edges to Trượt băngs was invented by the Dutch in the 13th or 14th century. These Trượt băngs were made of steel, with sharpened edges on the bottom to aid movement. The construction of modern Trượt băngs has stayed largely the same since then. Trượt băng works because the metal blade at the bottom of the skate shoe can glide with very little friction over the surface of the ice. However, slightly leaning the blade over and digging one of its edges into the ice ("rock over and bite") gives skaters the ability to increase friction and control their movement at will. In addition, by choosing to move along curved paths while leaning their bodies radially and flexing their knees, skaters can use gravity to control and increase their momentum.
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