Ep #12 - Làm thế nào học Hockey Sense - The Puppeteer Gameplan

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Xuất bản 15/12/2016
When I was at UBC, I was lucky enough to practice for 3 months with two of the NHL's Master Puppeteers: The Sedin twins. Everyday, it was like receiving a PhD in hockey sense. They exploited every weak link I had. And they did it effortlessly. Oh, and I still remember the sauce pass that Henrik put through a defenders legs on a 2on1 that landed perfectly on my stick for a 1-timer for a goal. And I didn't even have a good one-timer. So that was probably the most impressive thing. Once the Sedins returned to the NHL, I literally sat down with a pen and paper to trace their passing plays and cycles. Again, a masterclass. But the interesting thing was that very little of what I họced from the Sedins was taught. I went YouTubing around to see analyses of why their "hockey sense" was so good! It didn't exist. I had to think hard about what this was all about. I dug into the only research available on the subject. And I did my best to come up with a framework for players to follow to develop their hockey sense. Please let me know your thoughts. Enjoy! Membership Link: http://www.train2point0.com/membership TRAINbot Link: http://www.train2point0.com/trainbot Train 2.0 Website: http://www.train2point0.com

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