Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Figure Skaters 2015

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Xuất bản 17/12/2016
10. Kim Yuna: This South Korean beauty is the 2010 Olympic champion. She is best known for her figure skating skills, and is one of the hottest athletes of Asia. Kim is an inspiring beauty and her selection of outfits for every event is really very nice. 9. Ashley Wagner: Ashley Wagner is another extremely gorgeous and talented figure skater. She is a 2012 Four Continents champion, and the ICE skating queen from Germany. Ashley is extremely beautiful who has bagged a number of championships throughout her career. She became 2 US Skating National champion and is a gold medalist of three Grand Prix events. 8. Mao Asada: She is Olympic silver medalist, and a top notch athlete of Japan. She is famous for her flexible gaming skills, and triple axel jumps during the competitions. 7. Sasha Cohen: Sasha Cohen is the 2006 Olympic silver medalist. Other than this, the hot lady is 3 times World Championship medalist, and is the winner of gold medal in Grand Prix Final “2002–03 St. Petersburg” in Ladies single. Sasha is very much gorgeous and attractive. 6. Gracie Gold: Gracie Gold is a remarkable beauty of America. She is the winner of 2012 World Junior silver medal. This young lady has secured many prominent positions as a female figure skating diva. 5. Maria Mukhortova: This Russian beauty is 2008 European silver medalist. She owns outstanding athletic skills and has won a number of championships in her career. 4. Kaat Van Daele: Kaat Van Daele is a Belgian figure skater. She is the two-time Belgian national champion. Kaat is a very talented and beautiful woman. 3. Irina Movchan: Irina Movchan bagged the 2008 Crystal Skate of Romania champion title. She is a young and inspiring beauty known the world over for becoming 2 times Ukraine National Champion. 2. Meagan Duhamel: Meagan Duhamel is 3 Times Canadian National Champion. She is no doubt one of the most powerful ice skaters from Canada. This young lady has been known for wearing some very attractive costumes in the world’s events, representing her country in a better way. 1. Tessa Virtue: Tessa Virtue is another skater of Canada. She is the 2010 Olympic gold medalist. She is one of the most beautiful ICE figure skating girls ever. Tessa is very talented and is known for her special skating techniques. IMAGE SOURCE: "GOOGLE SEARCH" SOURCE:
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