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Free video about figure skating. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this figure skating video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !! The skating is a sports and art performed on ice with ice skates or on hard ground ( "parquet", surface " synthetic ice ", etc..) with roller skates traditional (quad) or skids line ( inline ). This sport is especially popular in North America, in Europe and Asia. According Médiamétrie is the only sport to be watched more by women than by men. The first ice skates were made of beef bones or other animal thin and polished blade, used as a means of locomotion. Appear then the first steel blades for skating become a real entertainment, as evidenced by the Dutch painting. The skate blade is curved from front to rear, thereby creating a circular arc whose radius main called cradle, varies between 1.83 m and 2.94 m. Recently, parabolic blades have been designed to increase the stability of the skater on the ice. The blade also has a slider / trough in the center of its length, a hollow on the underside of the blade divided into two distinct edges, outside (outside) and the interior (inside). The first rinks were naturally ponds and rivers. The preparation of the surface was sometimes difficult and subject to weather conditions, which explains the beginnings of skating in areas more suited to the formation of ice quality. For example, in the annals of 1844 Club Philadelphia, it says that the rescue equipment must be on the premises in case of holes in the ice. In Canada, the thickness of the ice was not a problem, rather it was the snow that filled the surfaces. Then in 1860 was inaugurated with great pomp the first rink in the world. The Glacarium the first rink with artificial surface was born in London in 1876, to Chelsea. The development of other rinks proved crucial for the expansion of the sports. Figure skating refers to sports. The basic idea is moving athlete or a couple athletes on skates on the ice with the changes to the sliding direction and execution of additional elements ( rotation, jumps, combinations of steps, supports, etc.) under the music. Figure skating as a separate sport emerged in the 1860s and in 1871 was recognized at the I Congress skaters. The first competition was held in Vienna in 1882 among men skaters. In 1908 and 1920 figure skating competition held at the Summer Olympics. It should be noted that the figure skating - the first of the winter sports, got into the Olympic program. Since 1924 figure skating program is consistently ranked in the Winter Olympics. C in 1986 and currently the official international competitions in figure skating, such as the World Championships, European Championships, the Four Continents Championships and the other held under the auspices of the International Skating Union. In figure skating isolated 5 disciplines: men's figure skating, women's figure skating, pairs figure skating, sports dancing and synchronized skating group. Group synchronized skating is not yet included in the official competition program, for this type of figure skating passes separate World Cup Synchronized Skating skating. Since 2014 in the Olympic program included team competitions in figure skating. In figure skating can distinguish 4 basic, basic elements: steps, spiral, rotation and jumping. There are also a number of specific elements in a single executable form of figure skating, such as support, backspin, emissions, death spirals in pairs. All program requirements (general rules, special rules and technical regulations) are negotiated and fixed in position ISU for every season competitions in figure skating. In synchronized skating has its own special mandatory elements such as circle, line, wheel, crossing blocks. Prohibited movement: any support, jumping more than 1 turn, crossing, including spiral back, etc. Synchronized Skating Competitions consist of short and long programs. Ice Dance - discipline of figure skating. an Olympic sport included in the Olympic program since 1976. Dancing looks like pairs figure skating. However, dancing is prohibited emissions, support partner partner above his head, twisting, and other so-called "acrobatic" elements. Music dance differs from that in other disciplines. Melody must be "dance" character, with a clear rhythm. Vocal music is allowed. In the compulsory dance music set by the organizing committee. In the original short and the skaters themselves with choreographer selected music to fit the specified style for the season. In the free dance style can be anything in this music should at least once a change of pace; admissible as a gradual change, and two different melodies. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!
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