Làm thế nào Trượt băng: Làm thế nào a back camel Xoay: Back camel help/tips/breakdown

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Xuất bản 15/12/2016
Here is my current request list: (Ongoing: Arm Movements) 1) Rotation in Jumps 2) Centering Spins 3) Double Toe Loop 4) Back Crossovers 5) Simple/Complex Footwork Sequence 6) Tying Trượt băngs 7) Basic 1 foot spin 8) Backspin 9) Spiral positions. 10) Putting OTB Tights over skates. 11) Basic moves. 12) Clap Waltz 13) Flying Camel 14) Getting up quickly after a fall 15) Gliding Backwards 16) Clothing for practice/competition Any other requests? Please message me. --- The back camel spin is an advanced Trượt băng move which involves spinning on one foot with the other leg extended behind you. This video takes you through a backbend on tippy toes step-by-step with tips from me. A little like Expert Village, but in more detail. --- *DISCLAIMER* I am not a qualified coach of any sort, and all the tips in my videos come from personal experience. Some of the tips in the video may not work for you, and my videos are not a magic formula to make you good at skating. Attempt what you wish at your own risk, but consulting a coach is encouraged. If you really do wish to teach yourself jumps (which I can't complain about really, because it is what I did,) then feel free, but họcing them in this order would work best: Waltz Jump Salchow Toe Loop Loop Flip Lutz I REALLY ENCOURAGE TO CONSULT A COACH BEFORE THE NEXT JUMPS: Axel Double Salchow etc. --- If YOU have any tips to give to ME to improve my videos, you are more than welcome to contact me in any way. Also, if you have any other requests, problems or complaints, let me know. Rate, Comment, Subscribe and Enjoy Freely. Good luck skating! Tags: Gina10179202 georgie figure skating camel ice jump spin single double triple flip axel salchow lutz scratch layback beillmann back camel spin gymnastics toes beginner cohen michelle kwan brian joubert johnny weir evan lysacek expert village expertvillage
figure skating ice axel jump spin triple lutz double flip michelle kwan evan lysacek johnny weir scratch beginner brian cohen salchow gymnastics back beillmann layback camel expert Gina10179202 georgie single toes joubert village expertvillage

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