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Xuất bản 15/12/2016
We are students from Harmony Science Academy- West Houston, and this is a presentation of our school's STEM pbl project. To học more about our project visit our website. https://sites.google.com/site/hsawh2014lauranicoli32/ "Harmony Public Schools: Where Excellence is Our Standard" Harmony Schools blend: The highest standards and expectations, A rigorous math and science-centered curriculum, and Engaged and Dedicated teachers and families,... to cultivate excellence and prepare students to succeed in college, careers and life. We are equipping Harmony Schools' students for college, preparing them for life and helping them achieve excellence, while making a positive impact on our community, our state and our nation. At the Harmony Schools, we are dedicated to creating an academically rigorous environment that nurtures students, expects excellence and helps all students realize their full potential. At Harmony, we believe every child can succeed, and we are committed to helping them realize their full potential At Harmony, we believe families play an important role in helping students achieve excellence and are an integral part of our school's community. A Harmony education fosters excellence as a life-skill, and opens the door to a world of opportunity. At the Harmony Schools, by focusing on math and science, we are developing the next generation of innovators and thinkers we need to succeed in the global economy and environment. At the Harmony Schools, we are leading the way in math and science education, so our children can lead our state and our nation in the future. At Harmony, we provide a safe, nurturing academic environment that expects excellence and prepares students for success in college and in life. Harmony Public Schools is the recipient of Race To the Top District (RTT-D) grant in 2012. With RTT-D grant funds, Harmony is implementing a cross-disciplinary, multi-sensory, technology-enabled project-based họcing (PBL) curriculum that integrates STEM, social studies, and English Language Arts (ELA). Researchers have documented numerous benefits of project-based approaches beyond the development of content knowledge: students họcing through a project-based curriculum develop the ability to transfer their họcing to new situations, demonstrate an increased ability to define problems and support their reasoning, and are better able to tackle conceptual problems than those taught with a more traditional curriculum. Through creative and innovative uses of technology such as video storytelling and web sites, Harmony students are publicly sharing their work both throughout the process and in a culminating capstone presentation, ensuring an authentic and meaningful context for deep student họcing. Harmony Public Schools have developed a STEM curriculum that incorporates project-based and inquiry-based họcing titled “STEM Students on the Stage (S.O.S TM)” with the Race to the Top grant funded by U.S. Department of Education with the goal of not only increasing students’ STEM knowledge and interest but also balancing student-centered teaching with state and national standards to promote success and investment in the họcing process through PBL projects
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