O'Brien Group Arena Rink Resurface - 2012

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Xuất bản 17/12/2016
See what it takes to drop the ice on an Olympic size ice rink, expose the concrete, clean, repaint and refreeze over an eight day period. Since opening in February 2010 Medibank Icehouse has been dedicated to providing the biggest and best world class ice facility Australia has ever seen. Medibank Icehouse have hosted international sports events including: 2011 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Division 2 Group A World Championships, 2012 World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships. There are two main reasons for dropping the rink; 1. ice skaters will have a new, fresh sheet of ice to skate and curl on. 2. essential maintenance of the main chiller. Running two pads (rinks) has the chiller working to its allowable capacity. We need to reduce the draw on the chiller so that we can carry out annual service. The service planned is minimise risk of a fault occurring which, at worst, could result in the possible closure of both rinks for a longer period of time.
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