1 FOOT SPINS by 5 year old figure skater Shyly Cherub

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Xuất bản 17/12/2016
The Cherub is loving working on her one foot spins. Coach Awesome thinks she'll adjust to the new style of entry into her one foot spin and still achieve the required minimum 3 rotations pretty quickly. Cherub now has Coach-approved music and will start working on a Free Skate 1 program. This is a major milestone because in Australia this is the first level that skaters can choose their own music and skate on the full ice (instead of just half). Please forgive the fuzziness of this footage. The next phone I get will be chosen based on its photographic quality - especially in zoom. And/or if I ever get my hands on some discretionary cash, I'll buy a quality video camera. 15th April, 2013 Coming soon: In recent weeks, another member of the family has declared interest in learning to skate (again!!). Keep your eyes peeled for the Prince's first steps on ice this week. Coach Awesome is already speculating on pairing him with the Cherub lol - so lots of hopes are resting on his little 8 y/o shoulders. He's tried it and quit twice before (aged nearly 6 and aged 6 1/2) so I'm pretty surprised he's so determined to give it another crack at all. The Prince says the big selling point is how eager and enthusiastic Smiley is to skate. So now Prince figures it must be more fun than hard after all. I used to be a little disappointed my boys didn't take to skating when their twin sisters did ... but now I'm kind of relieved. It's so easy for us all to accept Starly and Cherub are more advanced because they've been at it longer - so we can avoid the usual twin-comparison problems.
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